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Bag Limit for Striped Bass is now one fish at 28”. Would you prefer it increased to two, with the minimum size raised to 33 inches to offset the mortality rate?
Prefer two fish with a 33 inch minimum
Prefer one fish with a 28 inch minimum
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How are CCA’s political, fisheries and legislative positions established?

CCA makes all decisions from the bottom up, involving our membership in all policy positions. Through an extensive web of volunteer committees and boards, CCA’s state and/or national (depending on the issue) volunteer executive committees vote to adopt all policies and positions. Every position is based on facts, strategy and more than 20 years of conservation experience.

CCA Chairman Walter Fondren explains that CCA “…extends decision making so that every volunteer is included. One of CCA’s greatest strengths is the feedback our state boards provide the volunteers. Each member is asked how he wants to spend the money he’s helped raise.”  •

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